Detailed instructions for installing and configuring software such as Asterisk and Freeswitch from scratch on Linux.  If you require our services please feel free to contact us via our contact form.

Freepbx Production Install Guide (RHEL v6, Asterisk v11+, Freepbx v2.11+)


Asterisk 11Changes in this guide include Asterisk 11 which requires at least FreePBX v2.11.  Also cdr_mysql module has been deprecated so FreePBX 2.11 adds support for the ODBC method. This install guide adds configurations to enable the new method.  You can continue to use the old method for as long as the cdr_mysql module is included in Asterisk and still functional.

Tested on CentOS 6.4

FreePBX Production Install Guide (RHEL v6, Asterisk v1.10+, FreePBX v2.10+)


Asterisk & FreePBX This install procedure was tested using the Redhat Enterprise Linux distributions known as CentOS. Software used: CentOS v6 Asterisk 1.10 FreePBX 2.10 Linux commands executed at a command prompt are in courier font.

Hardening FreePBX


Hardening FreePBXThis script is a highly modified version of the AsteriskNOW hardening script a copy of which is here.  Some things were added.  Some were changed.  Some things were taken out.  Most importantly, it has been updated to work with newer versions of FreePBX where all the settings that used to be in amportal.conf are now in the Asterisk MySQL database.  As such, it is not compatible with older versions of FreePBX (anything before v2.9) which use the amportal.conf file.

Install Fail2ban for Asterisk from RPM



This procedure is what I consider the simplest possible fail2ban install procedure because it installs from RPM.  The most up to date RPM is currently found on the EPEL repository.

OpenSIPS and Control Panel Install Guide

OpenSIPSThis install guide was tested using the Redhat Enterprise Linux v5 distribution known as CentOS . 


Most of the install procedures for OpenSIPS assume Debian.  I prefer working with RHEL which is the reason for this install procedure.  This guide should work on Debian with some minor modifications but I haven't tried.


A2Billing Install guide


A2billingThis guide will show how to install A2Billing on a Redhat Enterprise Linux based system.  It is assumed you already have Linux and Asterisk and FreePBX installed using a procedure similar to this one.  We do not cover the installation of the callback daemon.


Replace TFTP with FTP for SIP phone configuration


These are my notes on how I replace TFTP with FTP for Aastra SIP phone configuration files on a Redhat Enterprise Linux server.  With the TFTP port exposed to the internet and no IP restrictions for remote phone configuration the directory is wide open. This makes it easy for someone to obtain extension passwords.

Aastra XML scripts on Asterisk 1.8

Aastra phoneThis is mostly an updated version of the Aastra XML scripts on Asterisk 1.6 procedure.  Taking into account the newer version of XML scripts and the various changes.