Fusionpbx v4 Freeswitch v1.6 CentOS v7 Install Guide


Fusionpbx is a full featured mult-tenant GUI for Freeswitch.  This guide covers the installation of Fusionpbx and Freeswitch® with MariaDB and Apache on CentOS v7. 

Tested on:

CentOS v7
Freeswitch v1.6
FusionPBX v4
MariaDB v5.5


Kazoo v3 Single or Multiple Server VoIP Telephony Platform Install Guide


Kazoo is an open source, scalable, distributed, cloud-based VoIP telephony platform.  It is designed to handle anything from small offices to small countries.  Kazoo relies heavily on other mature, stable, open source applications including Kamailio, Freeswitch, and Bigcouch.   

This guide shows how to install an entire Kazoo system on one or more CentOS v6 x64 servers from RPM.  It can be used for testing and development or production scenarios.


Bluebox FreeSwitch install guide (CentOS v6.x, Freeswitch v1.2, Bluebox v1)



This guide includes every detail in the form of step by step instructions from basic OS to a running Freeswitch + Bluebox VoIP PBX in about 1 hour.  In this guide we install Freeswitch and Bluebox manually from source. 

Bluebox FreeSwitch install guide (CentOS v5.x, Freeswitch v1.0.x, Bluebox)


Bluebox was formerly known as FreePBX v3.  It has now been spun off into it's own project.  This version of FreePBX supports Freeswitch in addition to Asterisk.

Bluebox is still a work in progress. We felt it was far enough along to create an install guide for those who want to dip their toes in and try out FreeSwitch at the same time.  The Bluebox portion of this guide can be used in conjunction with the Asterisk install portion of one of our other guides although we have not tested the combination.