Asterisk GUI Install Guide (CentOS v5.x, Asterisk v1.4.x, Asterisk GUI v2.x)

Includes every detail in the form of step by step instructions from bare metal to a running VoIP PBX in about 2 hours.  Because it does not require MySql or Apache, Asterisk GUI v2.x is a good alternative to FreePBX for someone looking for a less resource intensive install, possibly on a flash drive and/or embedded appliance hardware with limited CPU/RAM.  The whole install including source files takes up about 1.2Gigs of drive space and uses about 100MB of RAM while idle.  It could probably be reduced to 1Gig of drive space or less with very little effort.  Assuming you want some space for voicemail and considering the low price of compact flash these days, a 4Gig flash drive would be plenty for this install and should run worry free for many years without burning out the flash memory.  Just make sure debug and verbose are disabled in the logger.conf file in /etc/asterisk to reduce the amount of write activity.

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