FreePBX Install Guide (CentOS v5.x, Asterisk v1.6.x, FreePBX)


UPDATED for Asterisk v1.6.2 and FreePBX v2.8

Includes every detail in the form of step by step instructions from bare metal to a running VoIP PBX in about 2 hours.

When installing Linux, do NOT install a GUI such as Gnome or KDE.  We only want to be running in console text mode not GUI graphics mode.  If you already have a desktop or server GUI installed you will want to exit to console mode.  You do that by typing init 3 from a terminal or console window.  You will need to be logged in as root in order to do this so if not you can su root.  All instructions in this guide are assuming you are always logged in as root.

This guide has been tested using:

CentOS 5.5
FreePBX 2.8.0
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