Detailed instructions for installing and configuring software such as Asterisk and Freeswitch from scratch on Linux.  If you require our services please feel free to contact us via our contact form.

Freepbx on Debian (Debian v7, Asterisk v11, Freepbx v2.11)


This guide covers the installation of Asterisk and Freepbx from source on Debian v7.   Although Debian includes Asterisk deb packages they are not used in this guide.


Tested on:

Debian Wheezy v7.5
Asterisk v11.9
Freepbx v2.11

Kazoo v3 Single or Multiple Server VoIP Telephony Platform Install Guide

Kazoo VoIP platform

Kazoo is an open source, scalable, distributed, cloud-based VoIP telephony platform.  It is designed to handle anything from small offices to small countries.  Kazoo relies heavily on other mature, stable, open source applications including KamailioFreeswitch, and Bigcouch.   

This guide shows how to install an entire Kazoo system on one or more CentOS v6 x64 servers from RPM.  It can be used for testing and development or production scenarios.


Freepbx on Ubuntu (Ubuntu v12, Asterisk v11, Freepbx v2.11)



This guide covers installing Asterisk and FreePBX from source on Ubuntu.  Although Ubuntu includes Asterisk deb packages they are not used in this guide.

Tested on:

Ubuntu Server v12.04 LTS 32 or 64bit
Asterisk v11.5
FreePBX v2.11

Freepbx Production Install Guide (RHEL v6, Asterisk v11+, Freepbx v2.11+)


Changes in this guide include Asterisk 11 which requires at least FreePBX v2.11.  Also cdr_mysql module has been deprecated so FreePBX 2.11 adds support for the ODBC method. This install guide adds configurations to enable the new method.  You can continue to use the old method for as long as the cdr_mysql module is included in Asterisk and still functional.

Tested on CentOS 6.4