Homer SIP capture and VoIP Monitoring Install Guide

Homer is a carrier-grade SIP capture and VoIP monitoring system. This procedure will show how to install Homer on a CentOS v7 server.

CaptAgent is a Homer Encapsulation Protocol (HEP) agent. It is used to collect relevant data on a local Linux VoIP server, encapsulate it for transportation, and send it to Homer. This procedure will show how to install it on CentOS v6, v7, and Debian v8


CentOS v7
Homer v5
Kamailio v5
CaptAgent v6


Jitsi Sip Communicator Source Code Build Guide for Windows

This guide will show how to build Jitsi from source into a Windows installable application in 32 and 64bit form.  It assumes the development environment is 64bit.  Although we tried to make it as simple as possible, it is still rather involved.


How to Install OpenVPN and PPTP on RHEL v7





This procedure can be used to install OpenVPN and/or PPTP VPN access on a RHEL/CentOS v7 server or virtual server.


Kamailio Supernode & Siremis GUI Install guide.

Kamailio sip router
A Kamailio supernode is a SIP router capable of user authentication and status tracking among other things.  It can be used to create a private secure peer-to-peer SIP service similar to Skype™ for example.  It can also be used to connect to other nodes, gateways, PBX's etc.  Siremis is currently be the best GUI for use with Kamailio.

This guide was tested using:

CentOS 7
Kamailio v4.4
Siremis v4.4


Simple IPTables Firewall with Whitelist and Blacklist


IPTables FirewallThe following is a simple IPTables firewall script that can be used for general purposes.  It includes a port list and whitelist/blacklist.  The script was tested on CentOS v6 and Ubuntu v12.

How to Install OpenVPN and PPTP on RHEL v6


OpenVPNThis procedure can be used to install OpenVPN and/or PPTP VPN access on a Redhat Enterprise Linux v6 server or OpenVZ RHEL v6 virtual server.  For OpenVZ you also require root access to the physical server or you need your service provider to enable virtual server access to tun and ppp on the physical server for you. This install procedure was tested on CentOS v6 using the 64bit distribution.  I have not tried on v5 or 32bit distribution.  For pptp on an OpenVZ virtual server I believe your OS needs to be the same bit type as the physical server.  Ie. if the OpenVZ physical server is 64bit then your virtual server OS must also be 64bit in order for pptp to work

Hardening FreePBX


Hardening FreePBXThis script is a highly modified version of the AsteriskNOW hardening script a copy of which is here.  Some things were added.  Some were changed.  Some things were taken out.  Most importantly, it has been updated to work with newer versions of FreePBX where all the settings that used to be in amportal.conf are now in the Asterisk MySQL database.  As such, it is not compatible with older versions of FreePBX (anything before v2.9) which use the amportal.conf file.

Install Fail2ban for Asterisk from RPM



This procedure is what I consider the simplest possible fail2ban install procedure because it installs from RPM.  The most up to date RPM is currently found on the EPEL repository.